Our occupational hygienists can assist with asbestos identification and management for your workplace.

Haztek asbestos consultants are highly qualified and experienced in providing a range of services to assist in asbestos identification and management, including:

Asbestos Survey Report

Our asbestos consultants can assist your organisation with the conduct of an asbestos survey report. Asbestos identification is the first step in towards effective management of asbestos in buildings. The primary goal of an asbestos survey is to develop an asbestos register and prepare an asbestos management plan. These tools can then be used to determine management actions to control the health risk of asbestos exposure.

Due to the sensitive nature and potential concerns for workers and customers it is important to ensure that the person conducting the survey has a good understanding of the health risk and other commercial risks. Our asbestos consultants ensure that clear paths of communication are maintained between all stakeholders.

Asbestos Identification Registers

Haztek assist with asbestos identification and the development of registers of asbestos-containing materials for your premises. The asbestos register includes information on the identification and condition of asbestos materials, as well as risk assessments and appropriate control measures.

Asbestos Management Plan

Haztek assist with the development of asbestos management plans meeting your organisation specific needs. Asbestos management plans include procedures for the safe management of asbestos-containing materials and emergency procedures. All required asbestos signs and stickers are supplied with the asbestos management plan.

Asbestos Air Monitoring

Haztek conduct air monitoring for asbestos when asbestos-containing materials are being removed to ensure control measures are effective. Air monitoring programs are developed appropriate to your needs by our qualified occupational hygienists.

Asbestos Clearance Inspections

Haztek perform visual inspections of asbestos work areas prior to the resumption of normal work in the area by unprotected personnel. This examination can be used to confirm asbestos maintenance or removal works have been completed and there is no visual evidence of dust and debris.

Asbestos Removal Specifications and Control Plans

Haztek provide asbestos removal specifications and control plans, which provide precise details of the asbestos removal requirements prior to the commencement of works. All site specific hazards relating to asbestos will be assessed as part of this control plan. The purpose of the asbestos removal control plan is to help ensure the removal is well planned and carried out in a safe manner.

Asbestos Project Management & Asbestos Training

Haztek undertake project management on asbestos removal works encompassing preparation of tender documents and reviewing applications from contractors to ensure they are appropriately licensed and qualified. Supervision of the asbestos removal works can be provided to ensure that the requirements of the control plan are met. Smoke tests can be carried out on asbestos removal enclosures prior to the commencement of work to ensure the integrity of the work area. Our supervisory personnel ensure that the client is reliably and regularly informed of the progress of the removal work.

 For further information on asbestos identification and management call our office or use our contacts page to forward a request for further information.

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