Haztek  provides WHS auditing services for a wide variety of industries including; Aviation, Maritime, Construction, Manufacturing and Defence.

Our WHS Auditing Consultants provide a range of safety auditing services to assist with achieving your safety goals, including:

  • OH&S management systems audits
  • AS/NZS 4801 systems audits
  • tri-safe systems audits
  • safety map systems audits
  • legal compliance audits
  • risk management audits
  • machine guarding audits
  • chemical audits
  • corporate governance audits
  • dangerous goods audits
  • hazardous substances audits
  • ergonomic audits
  • emergency procedures audits
  • security audits
  • food safety audits
  • HACCP audits

 Servicing Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Gladsone and Regional Queensland

For further information on how we can assist call our office or use our contacts page to forward a request for further information.