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Spray Booth Air Flow Testing and Clearance Time Testing

Spray Booth Air Flow Testing and Clearance Time Testing

A properly designed and operating spray booth is required to contain and remove spray painting hazardous chemicals and vapours. Spray booths are used for a variety of applications. Contaminants commonly encountered in spray booths include; organic solvents, isocyanates and polymers. Inhalation of paint vapours and overspray may result in respiratory irritation, respiratory sensitization, asthma, reduced lung function and nervous disorders.

Good maintenance and regular testing is essential to ensure that spray booths and spray rooms continue to remove contaminates in the air before people breathe them. It is a legal requirement that any PCBU who uses spray booths must ensure it is operating effectively and is checked regularly.

Spray Booth Testing

Air Flow Meter

The Queensland Work Health and Safety Regulations 2011 Chapter 7 requires that spray booths have ventilation systems capable of producing a minimum air movement or air flow of:

  • 0.3 metres/second (m/s) for full down draught booth;
  • 0.4 m/s for electrostatic spray painting booths;
  • 0.5 m/s for any other booth.

The air flow must be measured when the booth is empty, during the spray cycle in the area that the spray painting is done.

The Spray Painting and Powder Coating Code of Practice October 2012 states that the plant and equipment used in spray painting or powder coating activities should be inspected at regular intervals and maintained according to manufacturer’s specifications.

The Spray Painting and Powder Coating Code of Practice October 2012 also recommends that spray booths should have a sign indicating the time workers should allow for chemicals to clear before entering the spray booth. This is commonly referred to as the clearance times. The clearance time is determined by conducting a smoke clearance test. The spray booth is filled with non-hazardous smoke and the time that the booth takes to remove contaminates is recorded as the clearance time.

Records for air flow testing and clearance times should be kept onsite.

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