Our occupational hygienists can assist with spray booth air movement testing or air flow tests for your workplace.

Is your spray booth effective at removing contaminates?

Do you have certification for your Spray Booth to show that it is effective at removing contaminates?

A properly designed and operating spray booth is required to contain and remove spray paint aerosols and vapours. Spray paint contains a range of hazardous components, these typically include; organic solvents and isocyanates. Inhalation of paint vapours and overspray may result in respiratory irritation, respiratory sensitization, asthma, reduced lung function and nervous disorders.

Good maintenance and regular testing ensures that existing spray booths and spray rooms continue to remove contaminates in the air before people breathe them, meaning a safer workforce and cleaner environment. It is a legal requirement that any employer who uses spray booths must ensure it is operating effectively and is checked regularly.

Work Health and Safety Law requires that spray booths meet specified air movement requirements and be assessed to an agreed schedule.

AS/NZS 4114.1 Spray painting booths and Queensland Work Health and Safety Regulations 2011 Chapter 7 sets the following parameters for spray booth air movement:

  • 0.3 metres/second (m/s) for full down draught booths;

    Spray Booth Testing

    Air Flow Meter

  • 0.4 m/s for electrostatic spray painting booths;
  • 0.5 m/s for any other booth.

The air movement must be measured when the booth is empty, during the spray cycle in the area that the spray painting is done.

Our air movement test reports clearly and concisely identify all measurement results along with schematic diagrams of individual systems to identify test point locations and recommendations for remedial action deemed necessary to ensure the continued effectiveness of the system.

Where applicable the following methods of investigation / measurement are made on each system:

  • Airflow testing;
  • Pressure monitoring;
  • Smoke clearance time testing;
  • Light level tests.

For further information on spray booth air movement testing or air flow testing and certification call our office or use our contacts page to forward a request for further information.

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