Our technicians can assist with your breathing air quality testing for compressor or cylinder supplied respirators.

Contamination in compressor supplied air can be a serious health risk. Compressor breathing air quality testing provide confidence to the workers required to use supplied air respirators.

The breathing air quality testing requirement for air supplied respirators is often one of the least understood elements of a respiratory protection program. Workplace Health and Safety Law requires that breathing air meet specified requirements and be tested to an agreed schedule as detailed in Australian Standard 1715:2009, Selection, Use and Maintenance of Respiratory Equipment.

Breathing Air Quality TestCompressor breathing air quality tests should be conducted to an appropriate schedule. In many situations annual checks are sufficient to show if there is any deterioration in the system. The frequency of testing should be reviewed dependent on the usage and results of the testing.


Method for Testing Air Quality for Supplied Air Respirators

Onsite testing is conducted by our technicians using use the Dräger Breathing Air Test Kit Method, Aerotest Simultan to determine the concentration of oil, water vapour, carbon monoxide (CO), and carbon dioxide (CO2) contained in the breathing air that is delivered to workers. Real-time monitoring equipment is used to determine the oxygen content. The capability of the compressor is assessed and a determination made on its ability to supply sufficient air to each person using a respirator connected to the system.

Breathing Air Quality Testing

Breathing Air Quality Testing

All testing is conducted by trained technicians using accredited state-of-the-art sampling and analysis methodologies. Testing can be conducted for industrial breathing air systems such as air hoods used for spray booths, and airline systems used in confined spaces, welding and asbestos removal work.

Our technicians can assist in resolving any issues that are identified and will issue certification for the system once testing shows that the legislative requirements for breathing air quality have been met.

For advice on breathing air quality testing for your workplace call our office or use our contacts page to forward a request for further information.

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