Haztek provide plant noise assessment and testing services for plant and equipment used in the workplace.

Assessment or testing of noise generated by plant or equipment in the workplace may be required as part of the noise management program. A plant noise assessment assists the person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU), plant manufactures and suppliers to evaluate the approximate noise exposure from plant or equipment to assist in meeting the requirements of the Queensland WHS Legislation . Information from the plant noise assessment can be used in selecting appropriate control measures to better protect workers from the harmful effects of noise.

Plant noise assessment may be conducted for

  • Mobile plant or equipment
  • Fixed plant or equipment
  • Powered hand tools both fixed and mobile
  • Other plant or equipment in the workplace that emits high noise levels

When monitoring the noise levels the plant and equipment should be positioned in a typical environment to which it is used. Reflecting surfaces and other high noise equipment should not be near the test area. The plant and equipment should be operated under typical load conditions for the workplace. Noise measurements are taken at the operators’ positions and set distances from the plant.

Plant or equipment noise levels should be assessed:

  • before plant or equipment is used to conduct work at a workplace
  • when there is a substantial change to plant or equipment in use at a workplace
  • where the position of the plant or equipment is used in a substantially different environment to that when it was last tested
  • whilst in use at determined intervals
  • upon notification of incident related to noise

Our plant noise assessment reports detail noise levels at specified distances from the plant, identify high noise areas near the plant and provide recommendations on the labelling, signage and hearing protection requirements.

Click here for a plant noise assessment template.

It is often cost effective to conduct plant noise assessments consecutively with a workplace noise assessment.

For further information on how we can assist you with plant noise assessment services call our office or use our contacts page to forward a request for further information.

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