Haztek provide Ship noise survey and monitoring services to maritime industries.

Our consultants have conducted Ship Noise Surveys for over 80 vessels including Navy Ships and Submarines, Container Ships, Tanker Ships, Mobile Platforms and Passenger Vessels.

Ship Noise Survey

Ship Noise Survey HMAS Childers

Exposure to excessive noise can be a significant issue for Ship engineers and crew members.

Noise Surveys on-board Ships /Vessels are conducted to Australian Standard 1269-2005 Occupational Noise Management and ISO 2923:2006 Acoustics – Measurement of noise on board vessels.

In most situations the Ship Noise Survey involves a combination of personal noise exposure measurements and noise monitoring for plant and equipment. The Ship is required to be operating at 80% Maximum Continuous Rating (MCR) while noise levels are obtained. Results are calculated for both an eight-hour shift and for any extended work shifts.

As part of the assessment process we provide comparative data to the recommended noise maximum noise levels set in AS 2254-1988 Acoustics – Recommended noise levels for various areas of occupancy in vessels and offshore mobile platforms.

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