Our construction safety consultants assist the construction industry with the development and implementation of WHS programs.

Our construction safety consultants can develop documentation specific for your business including;

  • Construction Safe Work Method Statements
  • Construction Safe Operating Procedures
  • Contractor Construction WHS Management Plans
  • Principal Contractor WHS Management Plans
  • WHS Management Systems
  • Construction Emergency Procedures

Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)

Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) assist supervisors and workers understand the processes that have been put in place to manage the hazards in high risk construction work. SWMS may also be required for other work as part of the site safety management system. It sets out the work activities in logical sequences and identifies hazards and describes the required control measures.

Our construction safety consultants have experience developing SWMS for a wide range of construction work.

Construction Safe Operating Procedures

A safe operating procedure (SOP) or safe work procedure is a written instruction to achieve uniformity in a process. Safe operating procedures can also provide workers with a reference to common business practices, activities, or tasks. For construction work safe operating procedures are an effective means to streamline work process. Documented safe operating procedures are required as part of an accredited WHS Management System.

Our construction safety consultants can develop safe operating procedures for small or large construction WHS plans.

Principal Contractor WHS Management Plan

The person who commissions construction work will usually be the principal contractor. A specific business can be appointed by the client.

The WHS Regulations 2011 requires that a principal contractor be appointed for construction projects. A construction project is defined as any project that involves construction work where the cost is $250 000 or more.

All construction projects must have a written WHS management plan prepared by the principal contractor before work on the construction project commences.

A WHS management plan how work health and safety will be managed on a construction project. The WHS management plan aims to ensure the risks associated with a complex construction project are managed. Management and review of contractors and subcontractors is an essential part of the WHS management plan.

Our construction safety consultants can develop WHS Management Plans to suit your business.

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